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Currently working on: Mom's old typewriter

24/06/24 - The color lever

Small update today. With the help of my dad, we glue those two pieces back together. I'll probably sand it some time later so that it doesnt have any weird bumps (not that anyone will even look the bottom of this...)

So now I've been tackling the second biggest problem, the... color... lever? I actually don't know it's name... basically, it's a small lever that changes the part of the ribbon to use.

Well, the entire thing just came off the plastic, probably due to some... well, actually... idk, it was considerably clean all things considered. All parts are still there, thank god, but It'll need even more glue... I mean, it doesnt need to be pretty if it's gonna be underneath the main cover, right?

Also, yes, I did make sure to check if the mechanism works, and indeed it does :)

21/06/24 - What am I looking at?

Okay, uh... this is gonna sund insane, but i'm not sure on *what* this is. I mean, yeah, duh, it's a typewriter, but like... what is it really?

Okay, here's what I do know about this typewriter:

  • Definitely an off-brand of the Brother Deluxe 750TR (at least it looks like it);
  • But it's also... not the main off-brand? Like, the ones you see online are from a company called Rover, but this one... isn't? Actually, there is no brand... is it a bootleg of a bootleg??;
  • People online say it's from 2005 (the Rover ones, at least), but.... that can't be, this was gifted to my mom while she was on highschool, which would've been in 1999 at best? no way this is a prototype, that's for sure;
  • While Rover's were made in China, this unit might have come from Uruguay, since my grandpa on that side of the family usually went there due to work, and did often bring back gifts;
  • There's like... no information of this... *thing* online. Apparently a manual exists, but like... where? Listings normally say that, but I haven't found a single photocopy/scan/thingiemajig of it's manual anywhere. Closest was this small booklet about portable typewriter guide... but idk if it was made for this unit or not.
  • If anyone, and I do mean ANYONE has more information about this thing, please inform me of it thru my guestbook, neocities profile, or even discord, I am way too curious about this thing

20/06/24 - Worse than I thought

Since I'm in my school break, I thought I should get to that old project of mine that I postponed indefinitely.

Oh boy, this thing is in a worse state than I thought; both the cover and lower panel are broken, and the color changing.... lever(?) is gone.

This is gonna take a lot more work. Today I just undusted what I could with a brush, will try searching up for the brand in case I find any repair guides (Heck, i'll take the manual for this thing).

Well, at least the plastic doesn't seem to be yellowed, and I dont care much about the upper panel.... cover... thing, it's gonna become a display piece anyways, no need to keep it covered up.