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MC skins - _REDACTED

Date of Creation: 14/06/2024


Kind of an interesting tale on this one, originally created as a "celebration" of Virtual Boy's birthday, I decided to try and make skull using only the 4 tones of red found in sais system.... accidentally made a creepypasta, thought it was funny, and now it's a monster, like a real spooky-spaghetti!

Not any lore on this guy, mind you, he's just like Skull in that department, so uh... feel free to make up your own :P (and let me know if you do, I'm curious)


MC skins - Steampunk "Steamy" Skull

Date of Creation: 10/06/2024

This one was uh... difficult. who would've known that trying to do small detail in a small canvas and a big brush would be difficult :P

eh, I still think it turned out good enough! Idea was pretty simple, bowler hat, engineer-ish goggles, an old timey vest, and a mechanical arm(the colors were dereived from one of the copper block textures, which is a fun detail). No dialogue though... I can't really think of one

Skull in a semi-steampunk style

I see you.

Date of Creation: 04/06/2024

For some reason, chocolaterevel (aka. Erin) always likes my posts, even the ones that are automatic like page-updates.

So take this image as proof that I do see it (and appreciate it)

BTW, here's his page :3

I see you Erin

MC skins - Miner

Date of Creation: 03/06/2024

Should I like... say something here?

Uh... I mine a lot in minecraft, like... to the point where I have over a stack of diamond blocks. Why?... I'm not sure myself...

Skull dressed as a miner


Date of Creation: 01/06/2024

his name is car, he has 47 friends (including you), and he sing song for u

car from garn47

MC skins - Pokemon Trainer

Date of Creation: 29/05/2024

Don't... actually got much to say about this one. It's the first actually good skin of mine, from way back then, made for use in a pixelmon server me and 2 friends were on (it lasted a week at most). The skin itself was inspired by the classic Red from the gen 1 art, but the pose is closer to the newer "renders" of Red

Also yes, shameless sprite edit in the corner because I wanted to, original sprite is the trainer from gen 1

Skull dressed as a pokemon trainer

MC skins - Luke

Date of Creation: 28/05/2024

Has Luke been shown here before? This page is getting big enough where I'm not sure myself... In any case; Luke is... well, an alternate Skull, imagine everything Skull is (and isn't) and invert that (plus add an attitude, because why not :P).

I tried to change stuff up, I've been in my comfort zone a bit too long now, so we get some more dynamic poses and *gasp*, A HAND!!!!!! (tbh the hand came a lot better than I thought it would).

I sometimes wonder if he's right, yk?

It's Luke!

MC skins - "Best" and April Fools

Date of Creation: 26/05/2024

I've decided to illustrate the many skins I have in Minecraft, because uh... idk, I thought it'd be fun!

This one is a double combo because both of these just... aren't very interesting; One is my main one, not much there, the other is an april fools one I did years ago, I literally just inverted the colors in my jacket, as a small reference to my super old skin, where it was... a mess.

Skull pointing another skull out

Getting Colder

Date of Creation: 25/05/2024

It's getting colder, which means I can now be comfortable in clothing :P

Skull using his jacket closed

FNF Icons

Date of Creation: Varies

So, uh... me and a friend sometimes do covers of FNF songs we like, and sometimes, just sometimes, we make them playable. Normally he's the one tasked with creating the actual graphics, but I'm the one who does the little hp icons.

These aren't the only ones I've made, of course, but they are the newest ones, aka, when I actually found a style I liked. Well, Idea is that the icons would be facing their "backs" to each other (so pretty much the inverse of D-Sides [my beloved])

Most of these covers are nowhere near done, well... besides one, Scaredy cat, which is based on a comic I have already posted here a bit earlier, and you can see it here!

It's our best work so far, cutscene and all, I do reccomend you giving a look if you care about fnf or this type of stuff (Also, I cannot say this enough, but THE SONG ISN'T MINE, its a cover, the og song can be found in the description of the video, okie?)

A list of Icons I've made for FNF

I'm Streaming!

Date of Creation: 11/05/24

Yep, in about two hours after this image (that I threw together in 15 minutes) goes live, I should be live at Twitch!

I'll be playing Farming Crossing 4 (A minecraft modpack) as of now, but I may dable (is that how you write it??) in a few art streams (and maybe other games as well, idk)

I got nothing, sorry

Inktober '22 - Scallop

Date of Creation: 04/10/22

The second ever Inktober Drawing I did, and one of my favorites

Believe it or not, I've never actually played Pokemon, or seen any of the anime.... Or seen any anime, for a matter of fact, but I always like the designs, specially the more simpler ones

Shellder my beloved

Skull Doing *The* Dance

Date of Creation: 26/04/24

The dance being Club Penguin's.

Also yes, I know the dance part sucks, no need to tell me

Skull doing the club penguin dance emote

MR SKULLLLLLLL (Ik its a dead meme shut up)

Date of Creation: 24/04/24

I know I said I'd be more active, and I havent, but hey, in my defense, I did do one thing:

I Created an entire 3D model of Skull!

Yep, I literally learned some basic blender just to make it, spent the entire week doing this, and while its not perfect, it works well enough for... doing dumb stuff, my favorite activity!

Also, I know this doesnt seem like an actual 3d model, but I promise you it is, like, really. I just found this cool shader that allows me to make it... pretty similar to my style overall

A dead meme but with a 3d Skull

Book Mark

Date of Creation: 15/04/24

Hey, Long time no see, ay? Heh heh... eh.

So sorry about disappearing for a few.... weeks, folks. I havent had too many drawing ideas as of late, and uh... You know, it's a bit difficult to maintain a gallery about drawings when you have none to show. (Also probably doesn't help that I've been feeling like crap for the last few days, but that's for the blog, not here)

But that part isn't important right now, as a b-day gift for a friend of mine, i made a bookmark based on one of her favorite books... which I dont know the name in english :P... nor what it is about, but I do think I did a good job on this, turned out nice!

A bookmark

Please just get down

Date of Creation: 27/03/24

For a bit of context on this one, I've been playing this mc modpack quasi-inspired by animal crossing, and Anna was the first villager to appear in my base.

One day, she was just.... on top of my storage-computer-thingiemajig.... and I was extremely confused (and scared) ngl

Anna just being Anna

Sorry Nothing

Date of Creation: 24/03/24

If you haven't noticed, this place has been... a bit dead overall. Reason is... I-I got nothing to post.

Yep, pretty much the best of my back catalogue (par a few pieces) are already here, and i'm terrible at coming up with new ideas

So, you know what? I want YOU guys/gals to give me ideas. Shoot them up on my neocities profile, the guestbook, or heck, even send me them thru my Discord (skulldollar)! I don't care!

Just... please be nice about it, I got limits yk?

I got nothin.

How it Feels to Get Compliments From Other Artists

Date of Creation: 16/03/24

Comparison is the thief of joy.

I'll never improve.

Inktober '22 - Match

Date of Creation: 08/10/22

Ah yes, Inktober '22; I love it. Wanna know why? It's precisely when I started doing art!

And... no, I'm not pulling your leg this time; my first experience with really... doing anything art related was with this inktober, who was brought to my attention by a group of friends of mine from back then.

Before that, I really didnt do any art. Art classes in school resembled more history than anything, so no art there (funnily enough). Same with my spare time, I always sucked at drawing, so I never attempted it. Heck, in... im gonna say 2019? I forced my parents to buy me a drawing tablet... that I didnt really use (and to this day don't use). It was only in Inktober that I decided to actually give it a try, and oh boy, was it fun!

Uh... well, either way, the prompt of the day was "Match", so I thought of a matchstick, and did a lil' pixel art for it! It's still probably one of my favorite pieces I've ever done, the compposition and just... the way the colors show the light is really cool!

Pixel art Matchstick lighting up a wall


Date of Creation: 06/03/24

In all honesty, I've never left the FNaF community, I dont know why, but just like William Afton, I always come back, despite all the troubles.

But either way, this ain't the place to complain. This drawing right here is a Fanart of the fangame "Dayshift at Freddy's" (most specifically it's third entry), showing a representation of the last fight... I should've probably marked this as a spoiler... Eh, who cares, right?

Either way, I just really like this fangame. The first entry is just a pure joke, but the second one introduces more of an overarching storyline, and the thirs is... actually pretty emotionla at times (While still not losing it's shitpost-y charm). If you like FNaF, I'd say to play this fangame! (or at least watch someone like Dawko's playthrough :P)

Fanart of the final battle from DSaF 3

Old vs. New

Date of Creation: 11/05/23

Now, I've only been doing art recently (and by "recently", I mean late 2022), but I'd like to think I've improved tons since I started!

Talking about old stuff, Skull is.... VERY old. One day I might tell y'all the story of how he came to be (if I haven't already, my memory was never all too great), but here is one of the oldest depictions of him, side-by-side a newer (albeit still slightly outdated :P) design of Skull; You can definitely tell there has been at least a few improvements to my art style (Especially proportion wise, Cheesus I sucked at it back then, huh?)

Old Skull besides New Skull

Straight(-lined) Skull

Date of Creation: 02/03/24

I just wanted to do something that only used the line tool... so here it is.

And if you're wondering, yes, Skull (The character) isn't straight.... He's asexual.... Because he's a skeleton, d-do I need to explain more?!

Skull drawn using only straight lines


Date of Creation: 20/02/24

So, turns out they slightly upgraded the PCs in the computer lab; Now it boasts Windows 11 (My suffering), plus a few other program, like Krita... Hey, wait a second, that's the program I use!

So uh.. Yeah, decided to throw this out really quickly for a laugh or two, but it turned out better than I thought it would tbh

A lion... maybe

Gift - Hedgehogs (Zeep2)

Date of Creation: 14/02/24

Made for the same friend for the same birthday. Mostly made for use in his upcoming Podcast (and because I thought he'd be disappointed in the lack of hedgehogs on the last one)

A pattern of hedgehogs

Gift - Zeep

Date of Creation: 09/02/24

Made this for a friend's birthday; He likes sheeps and the color green, so.... Yeah

Thanks H for the idea!

Green sheep sleeping peacefully

Comm - Ayato?

Date of Creation: 13/02/24

I was extremely bored today, and my friend suggested that I'd draw Ayato from (of course) Genshing Impact. Thing is, he asked for them to be... Faceless.

This style was clearly inspired by something else, so if you get it, you're cool (or not, idk how this works)

Ayato but something is not right...


Date of Creation: 04/06/23

dumb -->


Hat Eater

Date of Creation: 26/05/23

I... completely have no clue for the original context.

I do remember making... some kind of joke-y bet, where if the other won, I'd "eat my hat"; But besides that... yeah, no clue :P. The hat is based on my Pixelmon skin (yes, I like making mc skins for pretty much everything).... which in turn is based on the OG Red design from the first gen Pokemon games.

Skull Attempts to eat a hat

Leaf Cat

Date of Creation: 23/07/23

A drawing based on a picture I took of my late cat. We lost him in the end of last year, but seeing this picture makes my day (most days, at least).

But enough of the "wishy washy" stuff, no one's here to get sad. Uh, so, the context for the original picture is pretty simple: I was coming back from... who knows where, and I see my cat on the stairwell. Pretty normal right? Well, he had a leaf in his head.... like, almost perfectly. He used to sleep constantly, but even then, I wonder how he didn't push it off, or how the wind didn't blow it off, too. All I know is that I was laughing my ass off for 30 minutes, even after taking multiple pics.

My late cat with a leaf on his head

Art Style - "Ourple"

Date of Creation: 27/01/24

So, the whole idea for me creating this website came from... and FNF mod. Yes, the community from that game... disgusts me, gonna be honest, but I can appreciate a good mod from then and now.

If you don't know, the Ourple Guy mod is a semi-joke mod for Friday Night Funkin that has.... just a lot of bangers, ngl; And to promote it, the devs made an entire website here on Neocities (Which you can find here). Just by looking at the website, you can tell that I took huge inspiration from it.

While the songs are all very good, the thing that captured me the most is the art style (or at least the main one). It follows a similar note on how Scott did his Atari-esque art for the minigames, while making them bend and be smooth; So I tried to recreate it, think I did semi well :P.

Skull in the style of Ourple Guy

Gift - Baby Penguins

Date of Creation: 11/01/24

I made these penguins as a "reward" for my friend for passing a uni exam, nothing more :P

Multiple baby penguins

Skull's Reference Sheet

Date of Creation: 10/01/24

This one will probably look a bit small here on this page, so have the full version HERE!

So, Skull is my persona, I think that's pretty obvious by now; but uh... I've never really put that much thought into him, all I had in mind is "haha, funny skelton", so I decided to change that.

This here is a reference sheet with a slightly updated style of our(?) favorite skelton man. I've never done a sheet like this once, and I'm sure it's terrible, but hey, at least he actually has multiple sides now!

Skull's reference sheet

Comm - Goblin Tinkerer

Date of Creation: 07/01/24

A friend of mine has told me to draw a goblin as a way to cheer myself up, so I drew the Goblin Tinkerer from Terraria.

I think it came out alright, made him very.... skrunkly. Just very smol guy with glasses (and a lot of patchwork lol).

No colors for this one, I couldn't be bothered to actually color it :P

A sketch of the goblin tinkerer from Terraria

Comm - Michael Jackass

Date of Creation: 01/01/24

My first drawing of 2024!

This is kind of an inside joke, when a few of my friends were playing Phasmophobia (really great game btw), there were being harassed by a ghost pretty often, with it... well, not cooperating in the slightest, so they started to call the ghost "Michael Jackass".

Ofc, this could be wrong, I wasnt there to actually see him... it... what pronouns would a ghost have?

A ghost doing one of michael jackson's poses

Comm - Totoro

Date of Creation: 31/12/23

I don't know who this character is, I don't really watch movies, but he is friendly shaped, so it's all good in my books!


Comm - Shiny Rowlet (with hat)

Date of Creation:31/12/23

Okay, so, Finally something more... usual

I never played much pokemon, but I know a bit about it.

My friend asked for just a shiny rowlet just so I can get a break from Genshin stuff. He asked me to add a hat, but didn't specify, so while I ignored all my other friends advice to add some sort of hat from Genshin Impact, I added a hat from my favorite game (or at least, 3d platformer :P)

A shiny rowlet wearing a purple tophat

Comm - Genshin Otter

Date of Creation:31/12/23


Okay, maybe it isn't just one friend that hates me, and by that, i mean make me have to draw Genshin things.

All I know is otter

Genshin otter

Evil Comm - Sketch of a Whale from Genshin (???)

Date of Creation:31/12/23

Idk Tbh

Well, if you can't tell already by this and the last one, my friend has a problem with Genshin, an addiction even. He's the entire reason as to why I'm being held at gunpoint to play GI.

If I had no idea about the last character, I know even less about this one, it's some kind of... whale... thingie??

Genshin... whale?

Comm - Aeval from GI

Date of Creation:29/12/23

Some Genshin Character?

So, for the new year's eve, I spent the majority of my time drawing for my friends, so I'm gonna do a lightning round on these next 5!

Not much to comment on this one, it's a Genshin character, but that's all I know.

Maybe once I'm forced to play it, I'll discover what exactly they do (and you can keep track of when I do HERE)

The character Aeval from Genshin Impact

DriftingQuill's OC - Shepherd

Date of Creation:27/12/23

Another OC from a friend!

Believe it or not, it's not the first time I've drawn his OC; A long time ago, like a year ago, I was bored in class, and asked what should I draw. They suggested me to draw their OC, in which I did. Unfortunately that drawing has been lost to time it seems; My SSD in which it resided fried one day :P

But yeah, I really like how this one turned out, and I did hands for the first time (sure, they look horrible, but you gotta start somewhere :P). Most of my reference material was his MC skin of his character, which made it a bit hard to judge detail, but I made it work.

An OC of my friend Quill

Corior28's OC - Denji

Date of Creation:26/12/23

I got back in contact with a few friends of mine last week or so, and one of them asked me to draw one of their OC's!

I decided to do a more chibi-fied(Is that a word even???) version of them, since it's a lot closer to my actual style.

Not sure what else to say, I'm just happy with the results, to be honest! It's been a while since I actually drew something decent lol.

If someone calls me a furry because I drew this, I'll.... probably do nothing. Not only am I just text, I honestly don't really care.

An OC of my friend Corior

An attempt at a Sakura Tree

Date of Creation:03/09/22

This was made a long time ago, I made as kind of an art style test. I really didnt enjoy making this lol, making each dot was painful, like really painful.

Either way, it was made, and now lives in a folder in my computer (and this webpage, too!). I dont think I'll ever attempt something like this again, and looking back, idk why I didn't fill in the trunk section, it looks very wierd because of it.

A very stylized drawing of a sakura tree

I'm Going on a Trip!

Date of Creation:07/10/22

Yeah, I'm gonna be out of the house for a while, so I won't be able to update this website until Monday.

The original image for this came from 2022's Inktober, right around when I started drawing more seriously (and where my style finally developed). The theme was "trip", and while one's first idea was probably something to do with falling after hitting a stone or similar, my idea was to make Skull on a trip! While it's a very simple concept, I really liked how this one came out, specially the shirt design and the tape holding on the sunglasses! And this is also my first time drawing actual bones lol.

A drawing of skull in a Trip-like costume, with a floral pattern shirt, cargo shorts, and a suitcase

Thanks for the 2k Views!

Date of Creation: 17/12/23

Thank you so much, people! I never imagined that this small little place would draw so much attention! While yes, in the grand scheme of things, 2k isn't a lot, it's definitely the most successful thing I've ever done!

I originally created this website as a means to test my "coding" capabilities, even in a small form factor, but now I treat it as my own little corner, where I do with it what I want (with some restrictions, ofc).

So yeah, thanks to everyone that visited the page; it means a lot to me!

Skull cheering because of 2023 views on the page

'Everything's fine' Pizza Skull

Date of Creation: 24/09/23

Like I said in an earlier post, Pizza Tower is my favorite game, especially for its art style. One of my favorite parts of it is the little TV HUD in the corner; While it didn't add much to the gameplay, it definitely helped increase the game's charm, at least for me.

As one of my tests on trying to replicate the PT art style, I decided to make this as a reference not only to Pizza Tower, or the 'Everything is Fine' comic, but also to the fact that it was as hot as the sun when I made that.

In an unrelated note, oh Cheesus it's so hot now as I write this send help aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Skull inside a room on fire, being represented as a Pizza Tower TV HUD

Don't Ask

Date of Creation: 09/12/20

I've got no words.

All I'll say is that this was for a schoolwork.

A fever dream in picture format

WAR feat. Skull

Date of Creation: 08/04/23

Pizza Tower is my favoritest game ever, no doubt about it. I love it's gameplay, it's music, but it's art even more. Sure, on still frames, it can look a bit.... weird, I'll give you that; But on motion? It all feels just so satisfying!

The charm within this game's art is so impressive, it quickly became one of my inspirations for my art style, even if mine is nowhere near close to the actual artstyle of it.

Okay, yeah, enough rambling. I made this right when I first P ranked the WAR level, which became my favorite stage. Also, drawing Skull in that style was, like, super fun. Way too much fun, in fact.

A redrawing of Pizza Tower's WAR level titlecard featuring skull

Thanks Mozilla.

Date of Creation: 14/12/23

Look, I love the MDN web docs, the amount of info they provide is great, honestly.

But MAN, can they be annoying sometimes. Like, sure, I'm fine with you telling me it's deprecated and will be going out soon, I really do, but you're telling me that it probably won't work, and yet on the table, it's works effing everywhere.

Worst part? according to google, this has been the case since 2015, at least! I get that it's limited on it's design front, something you'd probably want to edit, but like.... it kinda serves all purposes it's supposed to have.

Ugh, maybe I'm just getting pissed off towards nothing, maybe the only one that cares...

A small comic based on my experience with the MDN Web Docs

Miner Skull Fishing

Date of Creation: 23/04/23

I used to play Minecraft, quite a lot, in fact. I was never much of a builder, an explorer, a fighter, no. What I was, was a miner, and when I wasn't mining, I was fishing.

Sure, people with their automatic farms and thigiemajigs always got ahead of me in progression; they always do, and always will. One thing was for certain, though: I had the most diamonds, all and every single one of them, carefully mined 110 blocks down. By the end of my playthrough in that server, I achieved.... ehh, around 2 stacks.

oh yeah, 2 stacks of blocks. I should say that

A drawing of Skull fishing away in Minecraft

Skull Spinning 3D Gif

Date of Creation: 29/10/22

Ah yes, this one's great. It's just a GIF of my character spinning, sure, but idk, it just looks so.... peaceful?

It was made for a test on the PicoCad program, especially since I had no prior experience with 3D modeling. It's a very fun program for making small 3D objects like this one, and while it has its limitations, that is kind of its charm, at least for me. Only 16 colors, a small amount of RAM - it all kinda works in its favor.

Also, Skull looks like a plushie and now I want one

GIF of a 3d, low-poly model of Skull spinning in place

Some Random Cat Drawing

Date of Creation: 12/11/22

So yeah, first post! I really couldn't decide on what to share first, so have this kinda old drawing of a cat.

I don't really remember what my thought process was, but it was... uh... something. All I remember is making the face tiny on purpose, then laughing way too much about it.

Either way, I think this ended up looking quite good, all things considered! I do really like the pattern on the fur, and c'mon now, look at those little paws. He's perfect.

Since this is the first drawing, I should preface that I have a few different styles; this one I like to call "neon" or "sketch", just basic lines that mostly don't connect.

a cute drawing of a cat