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Hello! If you're seeing this, that means that I finally got that project started - that project being this website! Here is where I'll share some of my artwork for y'all to see + whatever I feel like adding, to be honest.

This website is a passion project of mine. I first started releasing my artwork on Instagram, but I kind of hate having to post on a social media website, being just another paper on the book (I'm not very good at making analogies), and since I have an interest in programming, building my own webpage seemed like a fun and cool idea, but well... only time will tell, right?

And if you're still here, that means I'm doing something good!

If it wasn't very obvious, my art style is very.... "interesting", to put it lightly. Bold, pixelated, and flat are some of the words I'd use to describe it. Sometimes, not even I like it, but people somehow seem to enjoy it, so peck, why not draw more? (And no, I can't draw hands)


Hey there! The name's SkullDollar, but no one ever says the 'Dollar' part, so I just go by Skull! I'm your friendly neighborhood skelton (yes, spelled like that) that likes art, games, and some other stuff too butdontworryaboutit

I'm 17 and have always lived in Brazil, so my knowledge of "the outside" is quite limited. And for the same reason, I ask you to please understand that if I make some grammatical errors, to take it slow and calmly, I don't want to start any fights. Online, I use a persona, that, ofc, being Skull, a semi-short skeleton, who... uh... actually, no, that's kinda it. Skull has no real lore to speak of.

An important thing to know is that I'm a pessimist, so disregard any comment I make about, ahem, "DRAWING B A D" and stuff of that effect.