Dec 7 2023

- Website is created, along with logo

Dec 8 2023

- Main/About page is finished, start work on Gallery

Dec 10 2023

- Gallery is done (somewhat)

Dec 11 2023

- Extras page is created

- Changelog page is created and linked (That's this!)

Dec 12 2023

- Added button to About Page

- Changed gallery's text div color for better readability

- Added new drawing to Gallery

- Changed order of drawings to 'first posted' to 'last posted'

- Changed changelog size font

- Fixed spelling mistakes site-wide

- Clubs page created

- Added Discord handle to extras page

Dec 14 2023

- Added new image to gallery

- Fixed a typo in the changelog's date

- Added Web resources page

- maybe Added the discord link, maybe it works?

Dec 15 2023

+ For the sake of ease to updating this changelog, It'll ignore any new posts I made, including gallery and blog (coming soon I promise)

Dec 16 2023

- Finally released the blog page

Dec 20 2023

- Added a temporary page for dice rolls

- Fixed the Rolls' page name (thx Evil)

Dec 25 2023

- Added A way to get back to the Extras page from each subsection (Changelog, clubs, resources & GI dicerolls)

Dec 27 2023

- Added a smallest, biggest, and closest numbers to the dice rolls page

Jan 06 2024

- Changed the home/index page to a more concise one, instead of it just being the about page

- Added a guest book

Jan 07 2024

- added outline to the buttons in the home/index page

- Fixed home/index page looking weird on wider screens

- added a 'latest changes' box to home/index page

Jan 26 2024

- Removed the 'Genshin Rolls' page. You can't force me to do it.

Jan 28 2024

- Fixed the wrong alt texts in the pictures in gallery (oops :P)

- Fixed the pictures for the entire website being blurry, now you can see them how you are intended to (ignoring the fact that the proportions are wrong shhhh)

Mar 03 2024

- Changed the Clubs page to use a list instead of multiple paragraphs (I should prob do the same to this one ngl)

Mar 17 2024

- Finally added a 'buttons' page for the webpages I like!

+ Added a link to said page on the main div of every "main" page

- Updated Main page Background

Mar 24 2024

- Removed the random 't' in the extras page (the sneaky bastard)

Apr 17 2024

- Removed F+F's button, site has been banished to the shadow realm, apparently :P

- Changed the size of the main div in the Buttons webiste, I think it was a bit too t h i c c

Apr 24 2024

- Added the Main Page's Background to webresources

May 20 2024

- Moved this page's button to the button tab for consistency

+ Added more buttons, plus a links-only section for those who don't apepar to have buttons

May 27 2024

- Moved the guestbook to a new provider, since the old one was shutting down it's services